Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease

This is a auto immune disease. People who are diagnosed with this disease also have a gluten sensitivity. Eating foods with gluten maybe the reason which causes this disease. Once you stop eating foods with gluten , your thyroid function may return. once this happens you may not need to take hormone therapy. . Installing chlorine filter for your drinking water and for your shower head will also help thyroid work much better.

Life style changes are very important . Change does not depend on luck or willpower alone. Change is a slow process. This is a process can be successful by using a trained coach who understand how it works. once you determine which stage of change one is in, you can then create a situation where positive changes can occur with motivation and continuous support from family and friends This will pave the way for beneficial habits and for a permanent part of once life. Ultimately it is the patient who is responsible for the change to take place.