Today i want to bring your attention to Heart Disease.
This is actually made up of many different issues that work either alone or together which makes damage to your heart. some of these situations i will bring to your notice.
1. Blood Cholesterol: when certain types of cholesterol and blood lipids are abnormal, the main arteries leading to the heart become clogged.
2.High blood Pressure: When these arteries become stiff and narrowed ,the pressure inside them builds ,which causes blood flow to become more turbulent.Due to this the arteries which caries your blood gets damaged.
3.Heart attack: This situation presents itself when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood through one or more of the blood vessels that feed the heart muscles. Interrupted blood flow to the heart will damage or destroy part of the heart muscle.
4.Stroke: This is just like a heart attack. This situation happens in the brain.Arteries leading to the brain gets narrowed and this makes too little blood to reach the brain.This causes some of our brain cells to die.
5. Heart failure: This occurs when heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the needs of your body.This is what happens when you have a heart attack.the heart got damaged and unable to pump blood normally..
The IMPORTANT point i want to drive home today is when you change your life style and stop eating fast foods, reducing your sugar ,and adding more green vegetables to your foods and reducing processed food and dairy can improve your health .incorporate Daily exercise, Mediation, prayer will promote good health.By doing unhealthy things you will risk your life.Live your life for yourself. wealth without health is of no use.. if you have good health then you can enjoy your wealth. Make this change. Change takes time. do not expect results fast. Change is a Marathon not a sprint. Take care of your health and enjoy with your family an grand kids It is your health take care of it